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Use Your Youth Football League Rules to Your Advantage

I believe you need to have a complete understanding of the rules your youth football league abides by. Every youth football program will have a policy on parents. It may be a Parents Code of Conduct or rules they need to follow during games and practices. It is your job to know these rules inside and out and make sure all of your parents are aware of them.

I would also check with the members on the board to confirm the rules and consequences will be enforced. It is also a good idea to talk to previous coaches and get their opinion on the youth football league’s policies and enforcement.

It does you no good if the administration does not follow through on their rules or worse yet does not back you as a coach. It is your job to ask questions on any of the rules that you may be unclear about. You need to be in control and make sure you have all the rules understood before you meet with the parents.

At the very first parent meeting, hand out a copy of the rules and go over them. Make it clear what will and will not be tolerated. Coaching youth football is challenging enough and you want to do what you can to avoid parent conflicts. Make sure to keep an open door policy แทงบอลออนไลน์allowing the parents to feel comfortable to ask you questions regarding the rules and regulations of the league. Always make sure all playing time questions are stated early and often, so there are no misunderstandings as the year goes on. If your league requires equal playing time, then abide by that rule and explain to the parents how you plan on carrying through on this requirement. Equally, if there is no guaranteed playing time requirement be up front and let the parents know. Over the years, this area has been the biggest problem I have had with parents. Every parent believes their child is the next “Walter Payton” and they will be happy to let you know it if they don’t agree with your assessment of their child’s ability.