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Shopping Guide – Choosing a Video Game Console

Video game consoles such as Sony PS3, Nintendo Wii or Microsoft Xbox 360 are close to the heart of many a child (of any age). The phrase “playing games” takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to these entertainment powerhouses. From simple fun to complicated plots, video games made for these systems are becoming more and more sophisticated – including smooth action, sharp graphics, more interactive play, better audio, and the ability to play with others in living rooms thousands of miles away or just next door.

Having fun with a gaming console can include more than video games, too. There are “games” available for cooking, exercising, dancing, practicing for American Idol, or even playing guitar in a rock band.

The following info will help when shopping for the best in family-room adventures…

Features of Video Game Consoles

o Consoles come with handheld controllers for multiple players
o Bluetooth technology offers the ability to connect up to 7 controllers to one system
o Hard drives (included in the systems) vary in size and contribute to cost; a large hard drive is important for players who wish to download TV programs and movies
o Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 play CDs and DVDs as well as games, and are compatible with home theater components (PS3 plays Blue-Ray DVDS); players can create music CDs on their computer to play on their console as game soundtracks; Wii does not play DVDs or support surround sound
o Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 support HD quality video; Xbox 360 requires an additional component
o Online gaming using a wireless broadband Internet connection allows play over the Internet with friends and family including voice chat; Xbox 360 requires the purchase of an additional component for this capability and an additional annual membership fee, while PS3’s WiFi is included in some models and the online community is free; Wii also comes with integrated WiFi and a free online service
o The Sony PlayStation 3 comes with a sizeable hard drive and Bluetooth connectivity
o Microsoft’s Xbox 360 can connect to computers running Windows XP and play audio and video files on a television
o Digital video recording is an upcoming feature, and will allow users to pause, rewind and fast forward live and recorded television
o Consoles come with slots for memory cards
o USB ports are included, allowing use of plug-and-play accessories like digital cameras and MP3 players
o Add-on components are many, including wireless แทงบอลออนไลน์ controllers, headsets, web cams, racing wheels, standing platforms, wireless network adapters, guitars, drum sets, hard drives, joysticks and remote controls; motion-sensitive controllers allow for a more real-life experience (the player’s motions determine what happens in the game)

Keep in Mind

o Cost for a basic game consoles range from $250 for a basic Wii to $599 for a bells ‘n whistles PS3; higher-cost models typically include hard drives, headsets, wireless controllers and other enhancements

o While some games are offered for all three major systems, others are limited to one particular system, or may only play on an older model; make sure desired games are compatible with the selected system

o The Nintendo Wii is the only system that comes with included games