Start-up Stirling



On the 30th of September Joanie Littlejohn came in to talk about her job in Start up Stirling. She told us all about what they do. She asks people to send in tin cans and other food so people that do not have food in their cupboards or don’t even have a cupboard can still eat and have food . She told us that there was a couple of foods that we cannot send such as fruits because they can go out of date before they even get to the people and also no fridge products. The lady that came in said if we could try and get any tin cans that we do not need and  bring them in by Friday 7th of  October to  school. When they are all collected they will be taken to a big building and all sent to the homes.


The items needed the most at the moment are:


stock cubes

tinned soup

tinned desserts

jars of cooking sauce

packets of rice


By Chloe (Tech Team)



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