Rainbow Spectacular

On Thursday the 9th of June there was a shriek of excitement in Kippen Village Hall. Everyone was waiting patiently for the curtains to open to catch a glimpse of Rainbow Spectacular.

Back stage was absolute CHAOS!!!! People were rushing up the stairs, children were shoving their costumes on and parents were painting peoples faces. After everyone had their faces painted everyone ran to the bathroom to see what their faces looked like. As the minuets past it got more and more exciting, the tension was rising and 7pm was getting closer.

Samuel stepped up to the microphone to announce the beginning of the show.  P4/5 held their breath and marched onto the stage with a smile on their faces while the piano was playing.

The audience laughed and cheered, some of them even cried with pride.  Everyone was having such a fantastic time, that the minutes flew by. P4/5 sang their hearts out and the audience clapped until their hands were red.

It was a great success and P4/5 enjoyed every minute of rehearsals and the show itself. Rainbow Spectacular wouldn’t have been such a success without all the people that helped P4/5.

A huge thank you to everyone!!!!!

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