P7 Burns Supper

We had a fantastic Burns supper hosted by P7 with music, songs and poetry. Both participants and audience agreed it was a great afternoons entertainment. As a taster, here is The Reply from the Lasses.

Reply frae the Lassies

Now thank you laddies, for that fine speech,

But let us share a thought.

It’s only fair that we get the chance,

To say what you all forgot!


That we are fair and bonnie lassies,

Who don’t cause any strife.

In fact one day you’d be happy to call us,

Your bonnie wives!


We are not all fussy and picky,

As you said before,

It is only to make us pretty,

Deep down to the core!


We are also nice and clean,

(No matter what you say)

The world would not survive without us,

Not last a fortnight, a week, or a day!


by Harriet Patterson and Eva More P7











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