P1/2 and P3 Tesco Trip




Primary 1, 2, and 3 have been learning about Food throughout term 3. Over the past week they have visited Tesco in Stirling to take part in the ‘Farm to Fork’ food trail.┬áThis trail helps children learn where their food comes from by exploring the fruit and vegetable aisle, the bakery and fish counters and chillers, as well as tasting some exciting new food.

The children got the opportunity to

  • Touch, smell and taste different types of fruit and vegetables and learn where and how they grow.
  • Go behind the scenes and meet the baker to learn how bread is made.
  • Visit the cheese counter and get to taste different cheeses.
  • Have a close encounter with some fresh fish.
  • Experience parts of the supermarket customers don’t get to see, such as the warehouse and chillers.


It was a fantastic experience and the children were fascinated!

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