Once Upon A Christmas Rhyme

Kippen Primary School pupils from P1, P2 and P3 have been learning
songs and their lines for the Nativity. They performed it in front of
the parents and primary 4-7 on 9th of December 2011. There were 3
performances on the day to fit in all of the people who wanted to watch.
196 people watched the performances throughout the afternoon. The
children were all nervous to perform but excited. They all had a ball.
Thanks to Mrs Logan, Miss Martin and Mrs Street and the wonderful
cast, the Nativity was amazing. All the parents were very impressed.
Here are some comments made after the performance:

“Even without a rehearsal the children and the staff at Kippen Primary
have succeeded in providing its audience with a truly magical and
enjoyable performance. Thank you.” Laura Hadley-Stove.

“The children were fantastic. Well done, given the unexpected change of
venue.” Victoria Taylor

“You’re all stars! Well Done children and teachers.” Elma Reilly

The audience were given feedback slips to complete, with 2 stars and a
wish. They are all on display for visitors in the school to read.

Stars were given for:
The music was great and the children sang well. (James Reilly)
Amazing acting. I felt as if I was really in Bethlehem. (Lynne Goodwin)
Children excellent at speaking. (S Struthers)
Loved all the songs and the singing. (Shiona MacKay)
The costumes looked great and everyone smiled. (Polly Douglas)

by Luke and Anna W. Website Reporters

A lot of the wishes are achievable – like doing a performance again
next year or involving the older children in performances. (Previous
productions involving older pupils include Rainbow Spectacular and Ocean
Commotion and every year pupils are involved in class assemblies, Burns
Suppers, Poetry Recitals and end of term services across the year)
There were some good ideas to think about for another year, like making
a DVD to sell. Angus recorded the 2nd performance so that pupils could
watch back their performance and self-evaluate but this is only for use
in school.
Some other parent wishes are more difficult to achieve, like to have a
bigger hall or to control the weather! We were all disappointed not to
be able to go ahead with the village hall performance but we were so
impressed with the adaptability that the performers demonstrated.
Some of our audience thought the performance was so good that they did
not have a wish!

Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make the Nativity a success
and thank you to everyone who came to watch. P1-3 thought you were a
great audience.
Mrs Logan

Baby Jesus in the Manger
Baby Jesus in the Manger
3 Wise Men
3 Wise Men
The Inn Keepers
The Inn Keepers
The Angels
The Angels


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