House Captains and Vice Captains

P7s were invited to apply for the roles of House Captain and Vice Captain. They had to prepare a presentation on why they would be suitable for the role and they had to present in front of their class and a panel of staff.

Following this, 4 people from each house went on to present in front of their house at a house meeting. Then every member of each house voted for who they thought would be the most suitable House Captain or Vice Captain.

The standard of the presentations at each stage was very high and staff were very impressed with the skills and the effort that the P7s had demonstrated. The house members listened really well to the presentations and thought carefully about their vote. Click on links to see photos

Ledi Captain – Eva Vice Captain – Angus
Lomond Captain – Harriet Vice Captain – Andrew
Nevis Captain – Catharine Vice Captain – Lachlan

The winning house this month was Nevis, with only 10 points separating the 3 houses. Keep on following the school values to collect house points. Be all you can be!

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