P4/5’s Performance at The MacRobert


Rehearsal session at the MacRobert

Think Dance at The MacRobert

On Wednesday 8th of February, P4/5 and Miss Campbell performed at the MacRobert as part of an event called Think Dance. 6 schools took turns to dance on stage and every school had a theme such as Harry Potter (P4/5) or feelings. Last year primary 5/6 and Mrs. Logan danced to a theme of Abba. This year p4/5 danced to two of the Harry Potter tunes. Together the classes made shapes to represent objects or scenes in Harry Potter such as the weeping willow, the train and a wand duel. They did a very good job and they got a fantastic reaction from the crowd.

Angus, website reporter

A very good experience. It felt really good to be up there in front of hundreds of people. Cameron

An awesome dance. Lewis

It was scary because you could see all of the people watching you. It was a lot of work but worth it. Emily

It was really fun. Callum

I felt really proud watching the children perform. It was impressive to see the pupils perform so confidently, especially children who started school being shy and unwilling to perform in front of an audience. Well done to P4/5 and Miss Campbell. Mrs Cassidy

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