Lendrick Muir – Wednesday

Lendrick Muir – Wednesday

Another sunny day in Rumbling Bridge. Lots of happy faces this morning after a bit more sleep than last night! The fresh air has done the trick. ¬†All the singing at last night’s campfire must have helped to tire everyone out.

This morning’s activities have included nightline, archery, low ropes, bouldering, bikes and mini survival. In the afternoon everyone went on a walk to the gorge.

The food is very tasty and everyone is finding something that they like to eat. Some people have even managed to find room for a second helping. We are all getting very good at waiting for everyone at our table to finish eating before we stack the plates. We have to clear away our plates and wipe the table, so we will be able to do this at home too!

Tonight it’s the PJ, DVD and popcorn night. Hope you are not missing us too much.

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