Dalguise Residential 2013

After an uneventful bus journey, we arrived safely at Dalguise just after 12 noon. Taking our mountains of luggage up to the accommodation was the first activity and then it was time for a tasty lunch of  soup and baguettes with a selection of fillings.

Afternoon activities started at 2pm. Our groups went on the climbing tower, mountain bikes, jacobs ladder and problem solving. It snowed most of the afternoon but it isn’t lying so far. It is chilly though so hats, scarves and gloves are being well used. After the activities we headed to the dinner hall.  Dinner was a choice of sausage rolls or chicken nuggets and chocolate ice cream. Everybody seems to have found something that they like to eat so far and clearing and wiping the tables is going well.

Tonights activity is a game of ambush against another school. Our group leader Mike likes to win so fingers crossed we do well.

Dorm points have been awarded for today, with great marks all round. Comments like “My Mum will be amazed that I’m being tidy” were heard from the boys’ dorms. Its looking like a close competition so far. There are still points to be awarded for going to bed well. Miss Campbell and Mrs Logan would like everyone to get maximum points for that one!!



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