Teacher Interview of the Month – June


  1. How long have you been working in a school? And where have you been working?


I’ve been working in a school for 10 years. I have always been at Kippen Primary apart from my first  year I was at St Mary’s Primary in Raploch


  1. What is your most embarrassing moment?


When I was at the Parent Council Hoedown disco I tripped up over a hay bale and fell over  in front of everyone. Very embarrassing!


  1. What is the most disgusting food you have ever eaten?


Bananas. I’ve never liked them!


  1. What is your favourite band?


The Script and Coldplay


  1. What is the worst thing about your job?




  1. Who is your favourite super hero? And if you had a super power what would it be?


Iron Man (I like the shiny suit!) and I would enjoy being able to fly.


  1. Would you rather live in Australia or Antarctica?


Australia (I definitely prefer sunshine)


  1. What is the scariest thing you’ve done?


When I did the Edinburgh 50 mile night cycle and I got lost. It was pitch black  and I  ended up at a farm house. It was like a scene from a scary movie!


  1. Do you prefer sweet or savoury?




  1. Would you rather wear high heels or wellies?


High Heels


By Caitlin and Beth (Website wizards)

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