Tree Care Morning

Thank you to the volunteers who came to support Kippen Community Woodland Group’s tree care morning. The aim of the morning was to clear the vegetation from around the trees that were planted at last year’s tree planting event, which had been very well attended by Kippen Primary pupils and families.

IMG_7181 IMG_7174 IMG_7175 IMG_7182

Kippen Woodland Group were joined by a smaller group of volunteers this year, though a lot of progress was made to tackle the dense vegetation that has grown around the trees.

The trees in the area are growing well and have a higher than average success rate.


An area before work was done.


An area that has been cleared.

It was hot and thirsty work – and a bit jaggy and stingy too!

Some pictures from the tree planting last year. The ground looks very different in March 2015 compared to now.

tree planting 2015 - Copy aldous - Copy

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