Scottish Poetry Recital

Scottish Poetry Recital

Kippen Primary School had their annual Scottish Poetry Recital on Thursday 21st January.

P6 prizewinners

All pupils recited a poem.

Primary 1 and 2/3 recited poems ‘The Crocodile’ and

‘Robin Red Breast’ as a class.

Primary 3-7 recited individual poems in class and 3 pupils were picked from each year group to perform in front of the whole school and our judge, Mrs Dunlop. The children who won first place received a medal.

P7 prizewinners

Primary 3 – James, Hannah and Emily

Primary 4 – Anna, Rory and Maeve

Primary 5 – Leighton, Catherine and Andrew

Primary 6 – India, Lucy and Callum

Primary 7 – Fergus, Duncan and Kirsty

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