Scots Poem Winners

Well done to everyone who learned a poem to recite in class or in the hall in the recent Scots Poetry Recitation Competition. Primary 1 and 2 pupils did a superb job of reciting their poems in front of the school. Winners for each of the other years are listed below. For pictures of all the winners visit Our Photos.

Primary 3          

1st           Charlotte Schmautz  – Wee Freenly Doug

2nd        Logan Reilly – Bull Sale

3rd          James Warwick  – Auld Farrant

Primary 4                          

1st Max McDougall  – Wee Freenly Doug

2nd Oliver Patterson  – To A Mouse

3rd Adam Holden – To a Brussel Sprout

Primary 5

1st Emily Clubb  – A Red, Red Rose

2nd Hannah Quinn  – Bumbees

3rd Samuel McPherson  – Dentist

Primary 6

1st William Boyd  – Scots, Wha Hae

2nd Amy MacDonald – Tam O’Shanter

3rd Maeve Beirne – Scots, Wha Hae

Primary 7

1st Leighton Morton—To A Louse

2nd Ben Edwards Scots, Wha Hae

3rd Luke MacDonald—A Red Red Rose


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