Robert Burns Assembly

The whole school enjoyed an assembly led by Mr Smith from the Smith Art Gallery in Stirling. He came to talk about Robert Burns and his life.

Mr Smith at the Burns Assembly

Robert Burns was voted the most famous Scot in a vote 2 years ago. Thousands of Burns Suppers are held all over the world in memory of Robert Burns. Mr Smith read Address to a Haggis and The Selkirk Grace. We all had to repeat The Selkirk Grace. He told us what the Scots words meant so we understood what the poems were about.

In the Smith Art Gallery there is a window with Robert Burns poem on it. He often wrote on window panes or glass. The window was taken out from The Golden Lion Hotel and put in the museum.

Robert Burns was born 253 years ago. He died when he was 37.

Thank you to Mr Smith. We hope to see Mr Smith in school again soon. He said that we were the best listening school that he has been to.

By Luke and Mia, website reporters

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