P7 Burns Supper


The Entertainment Team

On 25th January 2013, Primary 7 held a Burns Supper for family, friends and guests from the local community. A lot of planning was involved to hold the event. The pupils had to write their own speeches, learn songs and get the hall set up.

The Writers and Speakers Team
The Writers and Speakers Team

I learned that taking responsibility can be very difficult and stressful! It was a wonderful experience and I’m glad I got the chance to be part of planning the event and performing at it.    Kaitlyn Buik

I learned about the content of a Burn Supper. I enjoyed the experience of the supper and it made me realise how much effort goes into organising these sort of things.  Keir Singleton

What I learned from the experience


–         What speeches and entertainment are involved in a Burns Supper


–         How to use the sound system (I need to learn to use the mic a bit better)


–         You have to work really hard


–         Hard work and practising pays off in the end!

I think it was a good challenge for us and we all had great fun doing it. We got lots of lovely comments from everyone who came.  Amy Kenn

We had to plan everything ourselves which was challenging but it also felt exciting to have that responsibility. We had 3 groups. Admin organised the invitations, food and the hall, the writers wrote and performed the speeches and entertainment played music, sang and danced.   William Boyd

I was really nervous because I had to carry in the haggis and I didn’t want to drop it. I learned how to host a Burns’ Supper and about its content. I also learned a lot about Robert Burns that I didn’t know, for example he only lived to the age of 37.   Mia Aitchison.

The Admin Team
The Admin Team




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