Oh yes it was!

The excitement was building at Kippen Primary as the buses arrived outside to take the School to the MacRobert Pantomime. When the school arrived at the MacRobert Centre there was a lot of hustle and bustle getting into the theatre!!!

Before long, the children and teachers had taken their seats and Jackie and the Beanstalk began! All the children and teachers enjoyed laughing, singing, booing and cheering their way through the MacRobert Pantomime. Kippen Primary hopes that the next Pantomime is as good as this one!!!

Here is what some people said about the pantomime;

Molly (P7) “My favourite part was when they called out the name of your school, and you had to go absolutely mental.”

Dylan (P7) “My favourite character was the villain, Count Monty Bisto.”

Maeve (P5/6) thought it was better than last year.

Kier (P5/6) “I liked it when Dorothy wore the duck bikini.”

Ellie (P4/5) “I thought it was funny and it made me happy to watch it.”

Max(4/5) “I really enjoyed myself.”

Kirsty(P1/2) “My favourite character was Dorothy Von Trott.”

Erin(P1/2) said her favourite character was Jackie.

Thank you very much to the parent council who are contributing money towards the trip. We really appreciate it.


By Angus and Mia. Website reporters

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