Last Call for Christmas Concert Acts


The Parent Council will, once again, be holding the

Kippen Community Christmas Concert to raise funds for the school.

The concert will be held on Thursday 20th December at 6pm in the Church.

We would like to have as many of the schoolchildren participating as possible and are therefore requesting thatanyone who would like to take part gets in touch with us soon.

We are particularly looking for anyone who plays the piano or guitar to get in touch.

Or do you play any other instrument or sing, either solo or as part of a group or choir, or why not get together with some ofyour friends and create a group to play or sing some Christmas themed music or songs for the concert?

If you are interested in being part of the Christmas Concert or would like further information then please contact:


Angie MacEachern, tel: 07780 008147, 01786 870803,



Morna O’May, tel: 07968 912062, 01786 871262,



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