Harvest Assembly

Harvest Assembly

On Friday 11th October 2013 all the pupils and staff gathered in the school hall to celebrate harvest. We started off with the Harvest Samba song and then each class shared what they had prepared.

P1 and P7 retold the story of The Little Red Hen with the P7s taking on the narrator parts and the voices of the animals. P1s acted out the parts and introduced each scene. P1 and P7 had worked together to make the animal masks earlier on in the week. We thought the other animals were a bit lazy and quite selfish as they wouldn’t help The Little Red Hen. When P1 made bread we all helped to make it, so we all got to share it once it was baked.

P2/3 performed The Harvest Song with P3s singing the verses and P2s joining in with the chorus. They sang brilliantly and were so confident. We liked the song so much that we all sang it together at the end and learned the actions for the chorus. P2/3 wrote a Harvest Prayer together and Christy and Angus read out the prayer.

P3/4 had colourful pictures of lots of different food. They shared interesting facts about the food that they had drawn. We all learned a lot. Did you know that the longest runner bean was 1m 30 cms?

P5/6 used the letters in the word Harvest to spell out different words. You can make a lot of words like share, eat, heat and starve. They used these words in a poem about harvest.

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