Harvest Assembly

P3/4’s Harvest Assembly Performers

This morning P3/4 led our Harvest Assembly in school. Unfortunately Mr McRae was unable to join us, though P3/4 managed very well without him. In the service, P3/4 thought about what the farmers have to do to produce the crops for us to eat. Pupils reflected on their favourite things and said thank you to the farmers that produced them.

P3/4 asked us to think about where the food we are eating today has come from.

Parents of P3/4 were a good audience and we heard them laughing at the right times.

Gregor’s Granny Betty said, “It was very interesting and the children were very knowledgeable.”

“It was fantastic as usual and a good job done!” said Mrs Hadley-Stove.

P3/4 had to practise a lot before being ready to perform. The Harvest Rock n Roll took a lot of work.

Gregor said that he wasn’t too nervous because he looked at the windows rather than the audience and this also helped him use a loud voice. Demi felt excited because she liked the songs. Her mum said the assembly was fantastic.

There was a surprise for the adults at the end. There were some stars underneath their seats and if you had a star you won a prize. Winners won a pineapple, plants and sausages.

by Kippen’s Roving Reporters – Harry, Callum, Ailsa and Oliver

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