Christmas Lunch


There was excitement in the hall as everyone pulled their crackers. The Christmas Lunch 2011 had begun. The staff started handing out the plates out with the dinner on it. It was amazing !!! It was a great success. 74 people came to eat a school Christmas lunch. Everyone who had a school Christmas lunch enjoyed it. Here are some quotes from some people that had a school Christmas lunch:

Christy (p1) The turkey was yummy and I would have it again.

Logan(p2/3) I had the turkey and the Christmas biscuit. It was really nice.

Charlotte(p2/3) Everything was absolutely fabulous.

Amy Mac (p5/6)   Everything was absolutely delicious.


Packed lunches couldn’t fit into the hall but they had crackers and sweets to go along with the lunches that they brought from home.

Here are some comments from people that had a packed lunch:

Luke (p2/3) I liked the crackers and the sweets .

Matthew (p4/5) It was different but good.

Amy K (p5/6) Different but still fun .

By Anna W Website Reporter

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