Children’s classwork from Open Day

On 25 March the school held an Open Afternoon and Daffodil Tea. As well, as delicious homebaking, friends and family got to wander round the classrooms to see the children’s work. There are lots of photographs of all their hard work in the ‘Our Photo’s’ section of the website.  Here is James’s report on the event:


The Open Afternoon

At the open afternoon quite a lot of mums and dads and also grannies and granddads came and most of them got shown around the school.  I think the whole school enjoyed it, well at least I did and I showed my granny and showed my granddad all the things I’ve done so far this year. I was most proud of the clay fish. Visitors to primary 2/3 got to see my pirate ship and all the pirate ships primary 2/3 made. They made comments in our Homework Task Evaluation Sheets.

By James P2/3

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