Burns Day Celebration

Burns Day Celebration

The birthday of Rabbie Burns was celebrated in school on January 28th with the annual Burns Poem Competition.

The whole school gathered in the hall on Friday the 28th of January for the Burns poem competition. We started with P7 then P6, P5, P4 and P3.

While Mrs Dunlop and Mrs Logan were deciding the winners, P1 recited a poem called “The Circus” by JK Annand and P2 performed a very funny a poem called “A Dug, A Dug” by Bill Keyes.

When Mrs Dunlop had chosen the winners they were all asked to come up and collect a certificate and a medal. Some of the medals have been used for this competition for over 100 years!

The winners were:

Matthew H – P3

James – P4

Anna – P5

Catherine – P6

India – P7

We all had a wonderful time and a big well done to everyone who took part in the competition and learned a poem for auditions.

(Mia, P5, Website Team Reporter)

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