Technology Week is a Winner

Technology Week is a Winner

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In Kippen Primary School we had a Technology Week (25th – 29th January). Mrs Street and Mr Hewson from the Parent Council helped to organise it. Technology Week was a week of using different skills and qualities. We achieved a lot.

Here is what the classes did:

Primary 1- Castle

Primary 2/3 – Trains

Primary 3/4 – Houses

Primary 5 – Board Games

Primary 6 – Bird Boxes, Anderson Shelter, Jewellery

Primary 7 – Giant Tetrahedron

The Primary 1’s castle was good as well; it had a working drawbridge and a dungeon. They painted it to look like bricks. They had a lot of fun and visited Stirling Castle at the beginning of the week to help them make plans.

Daniel said “We put the house into our castle to make a dungeon.”

Ailsa said “My favourite bit was painting the bricks on the castle.”

Primary 2/3’s trains were fantastic, they brought their teddies and put in them and had a train station outside the classroom door. “We made the trains out of cardboard and added wheels. My favourite bit of the week is when we took the trains to our teddy bear’s picnic” said Adam in Primary 2/3.

Primary 3/4 had great fun building houses. In the end the classroom looked like a tiny village! “We had to learn all the basic skills like cutting, measuring, folding, scoring, marking and joining. We had to use these skills when we were making the houses. We had lots of fun!” said Mia from Primary 3/4.

In Primary 5 everyone worked in teams to produce a board game. The board games were based on the story of the Titanic. P5 made every component of the game from counters and dice, to the box. Leighton from Primary 5 said: “It was really exiting and I was really pleased with the end product.”

Primary 7 built a giant tetrahedron. Many people said when they looked at P.7’s tetrahedron that it was ‘Inches away from the roof’. That was actually true, it was massive! Primary 7 pupils were pleased with what they had made. “It was quite a challenge!” Said Eilidh from Primary 7

(By Lachlan and Eilidh, Website Reporters)

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