Something Fishy In P6/7

Something Fishy In P6/7


Mrs Douglas and A Mackerel in P6/7

In Science Mrs Douglas came to visit P6/7 and dissected a mackerel.


We learned about the insides of a fish. We looked at internal and external organs, like skin, intestines, gills, gill arches, kidney, liver, brain, heart and eyes. In Science we learned about the different classes of vertebrates. To be a fish you have to have


  • A backbone
  • Gills
  • Fins
  • Be cold blooded
  • Live in water

I learned how a mackerel uses its gills and why. They use them to breathe and all the little bits in the water get filtered out.          by Mia        

Can you identify the organs of a fish?



‘I learned that the mackerel has bigger eyes than its brain.’ Christopher


‘I had great fun putting on the gloves and feeling their skin, teeth and other organs.’ William


‘One of my favourite moments this term was when we gutted the fish. It was cool.’ Robbie


Ask any of P6/7 to name the mackerel organs that are on the plate. We identified them and labelled them correctly in our learning logs.


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