Science Week in P1

Science Week in Primary 1

Here are some photos and comments from the children about what we learned during Science Week. Ask your child for more information – we’re bursting with new scientific knowledge!




Our topic is minibeasts and we are learning about how caterpillars turn into butterflies” Hannah.

The stages of a butterfly’s life cycle are: “eggs, caterpillars, chrysalis and butterfly and it does the same thing over again forever” McKenzie




We also planted seeds. We learned how to plant seeds and what seeds need to grow.

“Seeds need water” Layla.

“The plant needs sun to grow and it needs lots of space” Aila.




We have been learning about plants. We can name the different parts of plants: roots, stem, flower, petal and leaves and we can describe what they do.

“The roots make it stay in the ground” Alicia.

“The roots sook the water up from the ground” McKenzie



“We put water in a glass then put shaving foam on then we put food colouring in and it went through the looked like rain falling” Sean

“We put water in first so that the shaving foam could float. We were pretending the shaving foam was the cloud and the food colouring was the rain” Archie




“We were learning how you can make different noises and we made instruments. Mine had rice in it” Ben.

“Some stuff was harder and some was softer so the harder stuff made a louder sound” Hannah.













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