P5/6 Trip To New Lanark

P5/6’s Visit to New Lanark

On the 21stof February 2012 P5/6 went to visit a Victorian village called

P5/6 experience life in a Victorian classroom

New Lanark for their Victorian topic.

When they arrived they were split into groups and the first part of the tour was to a Victorian classroom.

To everyone’s surprise they got taught as Victorian school children and got to dress in Victorian school clothes and even boys wore dresses!!!

Next was a ride called the Annie McLeod Experience. The ride tells visitors how Robert Owen made sure that the children in his mill were educated. Annie McLeod was a Victorian child who narrates the journey. It was an interesting story. After that it was lunch. They had to eat really fast because they had a lot more to see!!

When they’d finished they got to go and see a movie called Harmony and it was even more interesting information about the Victorians!!

Finally they went to the gift shop before they went home.

Mia A and Anna W  Website reporters



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