P2/3 Trip – Unwrapping the Mummy

Ready to search for amulets

P2/3 and The Fascinating Mummies

P2/3 wrote recounts of their trip to Edinburgh in their learning logs. Here are some extracts from their writing:

 Millie : Last Friday P2/3 went to the National Museum of Scotland because we want to learn more about Ancient Egypt.

 James : There was a special event when we went. It was called Fascinating Mummies. It is on from the 11th February to the 27th May. I think the most interesting bit was to be able to see Ankhor’s coffins. He had three.

 Emily: We were transported back as far as 4000BC. We saw coffins, papyrus and jewellery from Ancient Egypt times.

 Harry: Two ladies assisted us and showed us round the museum. I thought the museum was great. The workshop we went to was called Unwrapping the Mummy workshop.

 Demi: First we went into a tomb and the ladies told us the items that the Egyptians had in their tomb.

 Romeo: Our Pharaoh Cooper died and we mummified him, It was awesome. After that we saw some fake mummies.

 Erin: There were two sheets and something was under them. The workers there told us not to scream because it was a mummy. The nose was squished.

 Alice : They had a mummy wrapped up. The mummy had bandages on it.

 Alexander: The Egyptians made mummies because they believed in the afterlife.

 Cole: We learned what jar you put a mummy’s stomachs, liver, lungs and intestines in. They taught us the difference between a boy mummy and a girl mummy.

 Carrie : In the unwrapping the mummy workshop we mummified an apple. To do it we used 3 different kinds of salt.

 Daniel: You could leave the apple for 40 days. When you went to get it it would not be rotten.

 Luke: My favourite artefact was probably the amulet, We actually played a game to do with that. What we did was we had tweezers and we pullet amulets out of mummies.

 Ailsa: The amulets were light blue stones in all different shapes and sizes. My best bit was getting amulets out of the dead bodies.

 Cooper: I like the bit where there was a beetle called the scarab beetle. It was really cool.

 Charlotte : My best bit was everything though I liked the workshop a little bit more because we got to mummify an apple and look for amulets in a mummy. I learned that the Egyptians believed that you needed amulets to protect you in the afterlife.

 Gregor : I learned that if an important Egyptian died to get to the sky they had to pass some tests like weighing the heart. If the heart is not as light as a feather you will be eaten by a god.

 Thomas: I saw a child’s coffin. It was tiny. Then we went through to see real collar necklaces and vases from Egypt.

 Jenny : My favourite bit was the Fascinating Mummies exhibition.

 Murray: It was amazing and interesting. My most interesting artefact would have been the Egyptian funeral boat.


Logan : Mrs Buchanan and Miss Morris came on the class trip. Mrs Buchanan sent a note back to say that she enjoyed the day out and she was impressed with our behaviour and our knowledge.


Katie said we went to a museum and Miss Smith came too.


Thank you to our parent helpers and to Mrs Cassidy and Miss Smith who came on our trip. I learned even more about Ancient Egypt and I was very impressed at what a quality audience P2/3 were. I’ve really enjoyed reading all of their learning logs. We’ve been busy writing neat copies of the recounts to display at our open afternoon in April.         Mrs Logan.

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