P1’s Zoolab Visit

P1’s Zoolab Visit

Robert and Morven feel the snake’s scales

On Thursday 20th September 2012 the whole school had a visit from the Zoolab!

P1 were the last class to meet the animals. We were all very excited because we didn’t know what animals had come for a visit. Our topic is ‘Our Senses’. When we met the animals we heard all about their special senses. Some animals don’t use their nose to smell – they use their tongue. We met 6 animals on Thursday afternoon; a giant millipede, a toad, a hermit crab, a tarantula, a monitor lizard and a boa constrictor. We were able to hold or stroke some of the animals so we had to make sure we washed our hands so the animals didn’t get sick from our germs. We used our sense of touch to describe what the different animals felt like. We were all very brave and tried stroking the animals even if we were a little bit scared.

Michael was the first to hold the giant millipede, he said “It was tickly and a bit jaggy!”

Angus said “I didn’t feel the mud on the bottom of the toad because it was quite dry. When it turned and looked at me I was a bit scared.”

Craig was brave and touched the hermit crab. He said “It might have actually nipped me!”

We couldn’t hold the spider because her special hair would make us very itchy.  She was called Fluffy.

Some of the words we used to describe what we felt when we saw her were;

Yipee!    Ahh!      Eeek!     Wow!     Cool!      Oh no! 

When Aimee touched the lizard’s tail she said “It’s tail was nice and dry.” 

We were all surprised by the snake as it didn’t feel slimy at all.

Kelsi thought “It was really quite soft.”

Morven said “It was very smooth to touch.”

Fluffy The Tarantula

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