Kippen Primary’s Scots Choir at The Tollbooth

On Thursday 13th of December P4–7 went to the Tolbooth to sing some Scottish songs. They had been working with Amy Lord who had kindly gone to our school every Thursday for 6 weeks to teach us some Scottish songs, Scottish history and Scottish language.

To start with P4-5 sang the White Cockade by Robert Burns. P6 sang Mary Mack which is a national song. P7 finished the 1st half with 2 songs called Tae the Beggin I Will Go and My Last Farewell Tae Stirling.

In the middle of the concert a band with Siobhan Miller played. They were a 3 man band. There was a violinist, a guitarist and a singer called Siobhan Miller.

There was also an illustration competition. You had to draw your favourite Scots song on a bit of A4 paper and people would judge it and announce it at the concert. There were 3 highly commended certificates, 2 runners up and 1 overall winner. The 3 highly commended were Lottie, Lachlan andErin. They all got certificates with their names on them and the song they drew about. The runners up were Emily and Oliver. They both got certificates and a Scottish song book. The overall winner was Alisa and she got a Scottish song book, a certificate and a CD containing Siobhan singing her songs.

The second part started after that. P4-7 sang 3 songs together. They were called The Witches Reel, Auld Lang Syne and 4 short songs.

After that Mrs Logan announced about how hard the pupils had practised the songs and she said a huge thank you to the Tollbooth, Creative Scotland, The Youth Music Initiative, our audience, the staff and lastly Amy for all her hard work for making the performance happen at all. If Amy is reading this… THANK YOU!

By Kippen’s roving reporters, Oliver and Callum.



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