Homework crafts

Pirate ships

P2/3 have been busy making Pirate ships for homework. There is an amazing variety of designs and sizes. P2/3 have used a wide range of materials, including chocolate! The ships will be on display at the Open Afternoon on 25th March. Come and ask the children all about how they designed and made their ship.

Jacobite Cottages

P4/5 had a Jacobite Topic Grid as part of their homework. One task was to make a Highland Cottage. They had a deadline to work to and got some choice in what other tasks to do.

James said, “Making the cottage was fantastic. My Dad sprayed glue to make the house stick. My Mum helped me to cut twigs and cut windows and doors because it was hard to cut the cardboard.”

Eva said, “ I was going to make a cottage cake like my brother had but then I decided to make it out of glue, mud and cardboard. My Mum helped me hold down the straw. I didn’t get a lot of help because my brother was also making a model.”

Choose which Jacobite cottage you’d like to live in at our Open Afternoon.

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