Hae a neb at this!

Hae a neb at this!

The P1/2 class have just completed their ‘Scots’ topic. As part of this, they learned about the Scots language.  Here is their report:

We are learning about Scots Language.

We’ve been singing “Heid, shooders, shanks and taes” and we’ve even learned to ask “How are you?” and reply in Gaelic.

Some of the words are a bit tricky but we’re having lots of fun working out what they mean and making the pages for our dictionaries.

We can’t put the words into our dictionaries just yet because we need to put them in alphabetical order and we won’t know where to leave the spaces.

We had a chat about our favourite Scots words and Miss Martin made a note of them.

If you have a favourite Scots word, let us know so we can put it in our dictionary.

Here are our favourite Scots words:

Kayleigh – mooth

P1/2 with their Scots Dictionaries

Caitlin L – taes

Zara – lassie

Ewan – hen

Kirsty – shanks

Hannah – troosers

Edward and Grant – ee

Kelsi, Erin, Freya and Chloe – dug

Ross, Christy and Murray – neb

Caitlin D, Maddie, Caroline, Beth, Holly and Caitlin W – bahoochie



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