A visit from TJ the parrot

P2/3 have got a pirate ship in their classroom and on Monday they also had a real parrot in to visit. Esther brought her Jardine Parrot TJ so that P2/3 could ask her lots of questions about him. P2/3 had a chance to prepare questions and learned about asking questions that would give you lots of information. We decided that we did not want a lot of questions with a yes or no answer, and we wanted to make sure that we all asked different questions. We thought it would be a bit boring for Esther if we all asked the same question.

P2’s from P1/2 came to join us and they thought of some really good questions too.

Millie said that TJ was very noisy. She found out that TJ can talk to Esther. He didn’t talk to us though. He just squawked and whistled.

Murray liked how TJ laughed. He said, “I’d like a parrot because they are colourful with bright colours and I like bright colours.”

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