Welcome Back/ Welcome to Kippen Primary


I would like to welcome back all our returning pupils to Kippen Primary and extend a very warm welcome to our new pupils and families. We have 15 new pupils in P1 and new pupils in P4 and P6, bringing our school roll up to 112.


We have had a fantastic week to start off the 2016/17 session. Our senior pupils look very smart in their navy sweatshirts (P1-6 pupils wear red sweatshirts and our P7s wear navy) and the rest of the school look very smart in their uniforms too. Thank you very much to families for following our uniform guidelines.


I hope to see many of you at the Parent Council meeting on Thursday 1st September at 6pm in the school hall. This is an opportunity to meet with the parent council and school teaching staff. Our parent council do a huge amount of work to support the school and we are very grateful for all of the contributions that they make. They organise parent council events, support school events and do a massive amount of fundraising to buy things and do things that enhance learning. All parents are welcome at the parent council meetings – it isn’t just for the members of the committee.


Wishing everyone a happy and successful school year,


Carole Logan

Head Teacher

P1 and P7 at Assembly
                    P1 with P7 Buddies at Assembly


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