Think Dance Performance

Think Dance Performance

On Tuesday 8th February pupils from P5/6 took place in “Think Dance”,  an expressive dance performance at the Macrobert Arts Centre in Bridge of Allan. The evening was a great success, read what the pupils involved thought:

Comments from come of the dancers from P5/6

Before the performance

Luke – “Nervous but happy.”

Callum F – “I’m looking forward to it.”

Catherine – “Excited. I  just want to get it done.”

Anna – “I hope it goes ok.”

Louise – “I feel ok about going on stage.”

After the performance

Eva – “ Amazing, so cool.”

Maeve – “I wanted to stay on longer.”

Callum B – “ I wish we had a longer dance.”

Leighton – “Speechless. Fandabbiedozie!”

Angus – “ I want to do it again.”

Eilidh – “ I was so nervous but I really enjoyed it.”

Lachlan M – “We were the best.”

Andrew – “ We were awesome.”

Robyn – “I could hear my Dad shouting my name.”

Ben – “Amazing but nerve racking. It went well.”

Harriet – “ A nightmare and a dream.”

Molly – “An experience I’ll never forget.”

Gaby – “I was lucky! I didn’t make any mistakes.”

Logan – “It was nerve racking to be on stage.”

Kaitlyn  – “ Nerve racking to start with but less so as it went on.”

Amy – “ I felt nervous all the way through.”

Lachlan PP – “ Scary to be on stage but I’d do it again.”

To find out more about the event from the perspective of one of the performers click on Harriet’s Diary

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