Reporting to Parents – Parental Feedback Survey


All parents/carers will have received their child’s My Year of Learning report 2015/16.


As you will be aware, this year’s report format has been refreshed to include input from children, parents and teachers.

Parental feedback on the new format can be made using the link below:

The survey will close on 24th June.


If you would like access to a computer in school please ask Mrs Logan and we can arrange a suitable time. A sample of pupils will have an opportunity to complete a pupil survey in school.


If there are aspects of your child’s report that you wish to discuss with your child’s teacher at the Parent Consultation Evening on Wednesday 8th June 2016 4-7pm, please return your appointment request form by Tuesday 31st May and appointment times will be issued thereafter. Pupils are welcome to attend parent consultation appointments with parents.



The Travelling Book Fair will available to parents in the hall on that evening. Pupils will visit the book fair on Friday 10th June and can return to purchase books on Mon/Tues 13th/14th

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