Nativity Performances-CHANGES TO VENUE

Due to the recent severe weather warnings, we are having to change the venue for tomorrow’s Nativity performance.

We will hold the Nativity in the school hall, instead of the Village Hall.  Due to our limited capacity in the school hall, we are unable to accomodate all our audience at one performance, so we will need to have 3 performances to allow all of our ticket holders to attend.

Performance times will be by surname of the children:

Surnames beginning with  A-H  1pm    I-O  1.45pm   P-W   2.30pm

Please do not arrive too early as you will not be able to access the hall prior to the performance.

If you are attending the 1pm performance, please use the front door by the school office.

If you are attending the 1.45pm or 2.30pm performance, please use the pupils’ entrance by the the playground – this will allow the exiting audience to leave out of the front door and reduce congestion in the hallways.

People who returned slips offering to help are welcome to come at 12.30pm if available – we will understand if you have a later performance time and can’t come that early.

Thank you for your support.  The show must go on!!

Mrs Logan and Miss Martin

p.s. Raffle tickets for adult hampers will be on sale by the Parent Council whatever the venue.


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