Lendrick Muir – Friday

Three word Friday at Lendrick Muir…

Challenging fun fantabulistic

Supercalifragilistic nerve wracking exciting

Fun awesome challenging

Exciting challenging fun

Exhilarating amazing tiring

Delicious ecstatic exquisite

Yummy amazing over the moon


A fantastic week was had by all. Bags are packed. Dorms are amazingly tidy. Top marks for the tidying up and organisation this morning. Beds are stripped and laundry all collected.


Have a fantastic weekend. Since there’s not loads of wet and muddy clothes to wash you can all enjoy the sunshine instead.


Children should all be congratulated for their fantastic attitudes and behaviour throughout the trip. They will have lots of tales to tell.


Questions they should be able to answer easily are:

What were your top 3 activities and why?

What did you learn?

What did you find challenging?


Many thanks to Miss Alexander, Mrs Robb and Mr Brownlie for accompanying us on the trip. We really appreciate your support.

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