Kippen Youth Group – Future Uncertain

To the members of Kippen Primary School Parent Council and other interested members of the Community it is with deep regret that I must inform you that the project is in serious danger of coming to an end.

In 2004 Gill McBride as Chair of the Balfron High School and I as Chair of the Kippen Primary School Board applied for a grant to set up a youth facility within the village. We secured help from Stirling Council Youth Services in and advisory basis but the week to week running of the club was carried out by parent volunteers but primarily by ourselves. Premises were secured in the Reading Room office space upstairs. Over the years we applied for a number of grants, one of which allowed a major fitting of insulation, new floor covering, repairs to plaster, improved lighting, secondary double glazing, overhead projector and sound system and computers and games consoles.

Over the years parent volunteers moved on and it became more and more difficult to get regular help or parents to join the management group. Stirling Council, Youth Services were good enough to provide paid staff for the past few years with my support as a local point of contact. This was not an ideal situation but it kept things running. Support from the young people has always been consistent and it would be a pity if they lost the local drop in facility on a Friday evening.

Due to cut backs Stirling Council, Youth Services have withdrawn their paid youth workers. As a final attempt to save the project I am looking for volunteers to form a New Management group and take the Project back under the control of the Parent Council. The project developed from the ideas of the forerunner to the Parent Council it would be good to see current day parents provide facilities for the young people of today.

I have secured accommodation in the Reading Room for the next few years through grants and work done in kind. A grant is also available to assist local volunteers.



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The following is an extract from Youth Services e- mail:-

” Hi David

As part of Stirling Council’s cost saving reductions we have had to
take a 25% reduction in our Community Based Youth Work supported
provision and as a result we will no longer be able to staff youth clubs
within the individual villages of our rural areas. As a result at the
end of this current term (04/04/2014) we will cease to provide staff to
support individual village youth clubs but will endeavour to support any
club that wishes to continue by offering a £1500 grant to be used by the
committee over the coming year.

This grant can be used to employ staff, support volunteer out of pocket
expenses, pay for staff development, pay for hall hire, buy resources –
anything which will build capacity and support young people in their
learning community to access social and recreational youth work. Many of
the rural committee’s currently employ our YSA’s directly to provide
additional sessions etc and they can use the grant to further this

We will continue to provide youth provision within 2 hubs and young
people from all of the other villages are welcome to attend these hubs.
One of these will be in Doune and while the other has not been confirmed
it will most likely be in Killearn. These facilities have the capacity
to take young people from other areas and by concentrating our resources
towards these hubs we feel that we are able to secure best value for
young people within our reduced budget. It would also be an option
therefore for committee’s to use the £1500 grant towards the provision of
transport to support young people to attend one of these hubs if they so
wished to.

It is with regret that I inform you of these moves as I appreciate the
time and effort that has been invested over the years to get these clubs
up and running however we feel that these efficiency changes are
necessary in order for us to continue to provide support to as many
people as possible within current capacity.

Youth Services will continue to support the committee’s of any clubs
that wish to continue with any advice they need in this transformation
stage, whether it is related to youth work, staffing matters or funding.
Please note that Committees’ can also approach Youth Scotland for
support through their membership.

Thanks for all of your help and support over the years David and
hopefully we can continue to work together in this new capacity.

Fraser McMurdo
Stirling Council Youth Services”

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