Internet Dangers

Think you know about internet dangers?

All senior staff in Stirling Council were recently given a presentation by a Police Inspector involved in internet safety.  Many staff concluded that the talk and presentation was something that needed to be shared with ‘every parent/carer’ so that we can all protect our children.

 In school a very robust firewall protects your child and no doubt you have parental controls on the use  of computers at home and think you are doing what you can, but there is more you need to know.

 The Balfron Cluster Head teachers have organised a talk and presentation which will be delivered by local Police.  Two dates / venues have been arranged to ensure as many parents as possible have an opportunity to attend.

Wednesday 6th October at Balfron High 7pm

Tuesday 26th October at Killearn Primary 7.15pm

Please make the time to come along to one of these evenings. It is important that you, as parents are made fully aware of recent developments in social networking and internet sites that pose further risk to your child/ren.

 To assist with seating arrangements etc, you will find a slip in the September newsletter which we would be grateful if you could return to the school by Tuesday the 5th of October.

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