Help with costs of the school day

Communication from Stirling Council:


There is a wide range of financial help if you are on a low income and your child is at school.

This includes:

* Footwear and Clothing Grants

* Free Schools Meals

* Education Maintenance Allowance.


The Footwear and Clothing Grant is a one off annual payment per child towards the cost of buying essential clothing for children up to the age of 16 who attend school. Applications are open until 31st December. A short application form is required along with your most recent Tax Credit award letter.


Free School Meals are now available for all Primary 1 – 3 pupils. Please remember older children are eligible and you will need to apply. You can do this at any time.


Education Maintenance Allowance is a weekly allowance of £30 and this is paid to young people who stay in full-time education at school or college after their 16th birthday. The young person has to satisfy attendance requirements and complete a learning agreement. This is paid directly to the young person and entitlement is dependent on their parents’ income.


To find out more information on all of the above and how to apply, please go online to the Council Website and search for school grants. You can also phone 01786 233418 to speak to the Council’s Revenue and Benefits Team



Now that P1-3 are entitled to free school meals, some families are not applying for the other available assistance until P4 when completing the free school meal application. Please  apply for Footwear and Clothing Grants for all stages P1-7 if you think you are eligible.




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