Football and Netball


Kippen Primary Football Team

Football Team


During 2014, Kippen’s football team did really well.  We won all 4 League games, two away against Dyrmen and Fintry and two home games against Gargunnock and Buchlyvie.  The other teams played really well and we’d like to thank them for 4 enjoyable games over the course of the few weeks we played.


All 5 teams attended the Small School’s Tournament on Friday 13th June 2014 on a rather rainy day.  We are pleased to announce that we worked well as a team throughout the competition, making sure we knew our positions well and were all passing to each other.


We are proud to announce we won both the League and the Tournament!

Football Cup


We think we won because we worked so well together, listening to each other, practising as much as we can and listening to the advice and strategies of our coach, Miss Hughes.


We all want to thank Miss Hughes for all her help and training and us work together as a team.


Thank you Miss Hughes!


Kippen Primary Netball Team


On 16th May 2014 our first game in the Small School’s League began against Drymen.  Unfortunately we lost that game, but we all displayed good sportsmanship and teamwork skills that we are proud of.



On 23rd May 2014 we had our second game against Fintry.  We did really well in the first half and took the lead, however Fintry managed to equalise and pull in front by 2 baskets.  Again we were really pleased with the way we played together and know everyone tried their best.


On 3rd June 2014 we had our first home game against Gargunnock and we’re pleased to announce we won this game.  Our team spirit really paid off and we took the lead from early on in the game, finishing 20-2! We really pushed ourselves to the limit and it shows in the final score.


On 5th June 2014 our last League game was against Buchlyvie.  Sadly we lost that game too but we didn’t mind so much since we are really good friends with the girls in the team and had a great game.


We would like to say a huge big thank you to Mrs Hadley-Stove for all her hard work in coaching us since January.  She gave up a lot of her spare time to help us and even took time off of work to help and support us at our games. We couldn’t have done it without her.


Both the football and netball teams would like to thank all the parents and grandparents who offered to help with transport to all the away matches.  Again we really could not have done it without you and really appreciate the time and effort you gave.






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