Dalguise Day 2

Tuesday’s activities included The Trapeze, Mountain Bikes, Jacob’s Ladder, Problem Solving, Abseiling, Archery and Team Games, followed by a giant game of cluedo for the evening entertainment. Mr Watt kindly volunteered (or was persuaded) to dress up as part of the game and brave the snow dressed as Captain Hook. Hopefully that all adds up to an early bedtime tonight!!

Comments from today:

The abseiling was a wee bit scary when you’re at the top but it doesn’t feel scary when you’re going down. Daniel.

Every day is exhausting but I’ve learned a lot and it’s such a great experience. William

I’m proud of my achievements today on the Jacob’s Ladder and The Trapeze. Amy M

I had great fun during archery. Keir

Dalguise is such a great experience. Today I was petrified as I stood at the top of The Trapeze. Mia

Each group has to keep a water baby (a water balloon) safe for the week. If it survives the week we get to throw them off the tower. Eva

My best moment today was finding that I can have a shower now that the bathroom light has been fixed! Amy K

The trapeze was quite hard but I almost managed to make it to the very top. Marcus

My favourite activity so far was abseiling. Ellie

More news tomorrow folks.

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