Our Trip to The Pantomime

Thank you to the Parent Council for donating money towards the cost of our school trip to the panto in December.

Our Trip To The Pantomime

On Thursday the 6th of December the whole school went to the MacRobert centre in Stirling to see Cinderella. The main character was Ella and she had a best friend called Buttons. Every one from the school enjoyed the performance and we joined in with the jokes. Maeve from our school was in the pantomime and she was amazing!!!

Ailsa interviewed two people to see what they liked about the performance. Emily said that she was amazed and fascinated by it. She also liked the costumes and her favourite costume was Ella’s because it looked realistic.

Thomas felt excited. He liked Fifi and Fufu’s costumes. His favourites were the chips, a cone and the water melons. The teachers told us how well we behaved.

Harry interviewed Alice. She said she loved all of the costumes. Her favourite costume was the watermelons.

By Harry Robb And Ailsa Douglas 

Our pupils were a fantastic audience and we were so proud of their behaviour throughout the whole trip. We were also very proud of Maeve on the stage, showing us her expressive arts skills.

Well done everyone.

Mrs Logan

In The Theatre
In The Theatre


At The MacRobert
At The MacRobert


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