New Year Auction

As part of our New Year fundraising one very generous parent has donated a week long stay in their apartment which sleeps up to six, near Mijas, Malaga, Costa del Sol, in Spain!

Full details and a photocollage can be found in the documents attached at the end of this post.

We decided that we would like to give all parents/carers a chance at this so decided that this should be auctioned off to the highest bidder.  As of 5pm on Sunday evening, the bidding will begin!
To make your bid please text your name, user name (if you wish to remain anonymous) and bid to 07538 145526.

So, texting “John Smith Mickey Mouse £246.50” will appear on the school website as “Highest bid today is £246.50 from Mickey Mouse”

You can check the current, highest bid on our website, which will be kept up to date, daily.
Bidding will close on the school website at 12 noon on the 1st January.  The highest bid will then be taken along to the ceilidh in the hall, on the evening of the 1st, to continue the bidding there.  Whoever is the highest bid on the school website at close of bidding will also be given the opportunity of bidding by proxy, if not attending the ceilidh and wishing to increase their bid (if necessary). So, after the online bid has closed, the highest bidder will be contacted to get their highest proxy bid.

Good Luck!



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