New headteacher update

Dear all,


As you will be aware, the recruitment process for a permanent Headteacher at Kippen Primary is underway.

In the recent email that was sent, the parent council explained its involvement in this process; from helping narrow down applicants to meeting candidates to being involved in the interviews.

As your representatives, we wanted to give you a quick update on what stage the process is at.

We have been advised by Stirling Council that this remains a confidential process but what we can say is that there are two candidates that will be interviewed for the position this coming Friday (12 June) with Helen Robb (treasurer) and Melanie Beeley (chair) sitting on the interview panel. The PC representatives will have the opportunity to ask two questions which will be formed from what emerged during the parent consultation on attributes and qualities. However, for interview purposes, we have been advised that, at this stage, these questions must remain confidential.


Thank you once again to all those who took the time to come to the meeting or send an e-mail.

Kind regards, Kippen Primary Parent Council

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