Laptops and Wifi

New Laptops

Last month we got some new laptops. They are very good because they have wifi so you can use them nearly anywhere in the school. Most classes have already used them. The school bought 10 laptops.

At the minute you can only use them down stairs but we hope to get a hub upstairs so we can use them in the upper school.

By Harry P4

As you will know from previous posts and newsletters, the school has purchased a laptop trolley and 10 new laptops and has installed wifi in the open area and downstairs classrooms.

A  £500 donation from the Parent Council  will now allow the school to install wireless points upstairs so that the children in the upper classrooms can benefit too.

We thought you would like to see some photos of pupils using the laptops in the open area.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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