100 Club

Kippen Parent Council runs a 100 club.

  • 12 prize draws throughout the year for 1st,2nd and 3rd prizes
  • 36 chances to win either £10, £15 or £25
  • 50% of monies raised goes straight to the Parent Council
  • Generates £600 instantly for the Parent Council
  • 12 months of excitement!

All this for only a single payment of £12.

Each year we need 100 people to buy 100 tickets at a cost of £12 each. This is a one off payment that then allows your name to be put into a monthly draw that happens 12 times throughout the year. At each draw there are 3 prizes. The draw is open to anyone, not just parents of KPS. Please support this fundraiser, and who knows you may be lucky! You have a 1 in 3 chance of winning something. We make our first draw at the start of the new school term in August, then every month thereafter.

Ways to buy

  1. At the school gate from a class rep or other member of the Parent Council
  2. Email parentcouncil@kippenschool.org.uk
  3. At the Street Fayre Café

From August 2013, Fiona Mulvaney will be in charge of drawing the 100 Club winners at the end of each month, the winners will be published on the school website.

Kippen Primary School Parent Council

100 Club Winners

May 2013