Goals Scored!

from all the Kippen Primary Pupils


Thanks to the generosity of Kippen Primary Parent Council, we now have a pair of goals in the multi-court. Thank you to Mr Goodwin who sourced and ordered the goals, to Mr Beeley and Mr Goodwin who assembled the goals and to all of the parents and families who support the fundraising efforts of the parent council.


We spoke in assembly to tell children that they should not be using the goals to climb up on and swing on as several children have reported instances of this. Please remind your child/ren about respecting the resources that have been purchased by the Parent Council.


Also a good opportunity to say thank you again for the high quality whiteboards that we purchased with funds from the parent council. As you can see they have many uses! They have a lined side and a plain side and are proving to be durable and well used.





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